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Free downloads for teachers

Free downloads for pupils

General programmes

Realplayer 8 Basic

Realplayer 8 Basic



Acrobat reader

Acrobat reader


Test programmes

Readplease (10.2 MB)

Hot Potatoes (6.4 MB)     workshop how to use it V5.x

Sentence Builder (very nice!!! 1,5 MB) 

QuizFaber (1.4 MB)  


MP3 player for QuizFaber (1.12MB)


Speech programmes


Readplease (10.2 MB)


Make your web pages interactive (screen capture)


Snagit (free to try, worth to buy, 14MB) video tutorials


Presentation programmes


PhotonShow (7.5 MB)


Camstudio (673 KB)


Viewlet Builder 2.7.2. (228 KB)


CD Ripper programmes


Easy cd ripper (3.6 MB)


Audio and Video editing programmes


Goldwave (846 KB)


Windows Movie Maker


Converter programmes


Online converter (you don't need software)


Easy converter (mp3<->wav) (919 KB)


Wavesqueezer (mp3 <->wav) (512 KB)


Puzzle programmes


Word search factory (2.2 MB)




Mp3 recorder (1.03MB shareware)


Video capture


Capturepad 0.1 (759k) captures video and sound 


Audio, Video and Screen capture


Jing Project (5,26 MB)


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