Maak ontkenningen met de werkwoorden tussen haakjes

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Mr Johnson (like) to get up this morning. He (be) in a good mood. He has an appointment with the dentist. He (like) the dentist at all. Before he leaves his house he forgets to brush his teeth. In the car he turns on the radio but it (work). When he comes closer to the dentist's practise he sees a friend. He stops his car and calls out to his friend. They talk a bit and then they go and have a drink in the local pub. He tells his friend he (can) stand the dentist. His friend tells him that he also hates the dentist. They both (like) the man. After a few pints of beer Mr Johnson thinks about the appointment. He is too late to get there on time. He (care) about it. He tells his friend that he is going home. Fortunately (= gelukkig) he (take) his car. He takes a taxi instead.