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Claire Dupont
12 Rue Charles de Gaulle

10 August, 2001

Dear John,

Yesterday I (receive) your very interesting letter. I remember I (send) you my last letter about three months ago. Since then a lot of things (happen).

To begin with, I must tell you that my uncle and aunt from America (visit) us last week. They (live) in New York for ten years now and they still like it there. As a teacher of English I (feel) obliged to make the most of this opportunity to speak English. I (never - speak) so much English in such a short time. It was a good chance to practise my English.

Before I forget, I (just - get) a ticket for a pop concert, which will be next Saturday. (you - ever - be) at a concert? Well, I haven't so I am really looking forward to it.

In the letter you (send) me three months ago you (ask) me if I like my new job. Well, John it is the best thing that (ever - happen) to me in my life.

Please write back soon.


Claire Dupont